Spanish olive oil EL LENADOR

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Spanish olive oil EL LENADOR


A Spanish olive oil from an organic farm, obtained by processing the skimmed product after the extraction of olive oil and oil obtained directly from olives.

Ingredients: olive pomace oil and virgin olive oil.

This olive oil is perfect as an addition to meat and fish dishes, as well as for deep frying and other forms of frying at high temperatures. This composition will add a sunny, Mediterranean flavour to your dishes.

Net capacity: 1000 ml

Nutritional value in 100 ml

Energy value – 3647kJ / 900 kcal

Fat – in 100 g

saturated fatty acids – 12.5 g

monounsaturated fatty acids – 77 g

including polyunsaturated fatty acids – 10.5 g

Carbohydrates – 0.0 g

Sugars – 0.0 g

Proteins – 0.0 g

Salt – 0.0 g

Store in a cool and dark place.