Ayurvedic herbal massage stamps – cinnamon, 2 stamps

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Ayurvedic herbal massage stamps – cinnamon, 2 stamps

BIG STAMPS 220-230 grams


Herbal stamps are made with a wide array of herbs, flowers, grains and coconut shavings used in Ayurveda. They are used during the Pinda Sweda treatment, which includes the massage of the whole body. To prepare the stamps you have to submerge them in warm oil and heat them up at least 10 minutes before the treatment. The size of the stamp and the beautiful aroma ensure a pleasurable and relaxing massage, and the properties of the ingredients have a wonderful effect on the health of the massage’s recipient.

Cinnamon stamps contain a warming herbal mix with an exquisite spicy scent. They efficiently cleanse the body of toxins and they have a calming and analgesic effect. Shikakai nuts have astringent and toning properties, and your skin will be well-nourished and moisturised.

Ingredients: rice flour, coconut shavings, flax, orange peel, shikakai, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, fenugreek, dill, rock salt.

Packaging includes: 2 herbal stamps


Please note that all the stamps on sale in our shop are not the Thai stamps, which grammage is much lower. Our stamps are handmade by a certified phytotherapist and consist of specially selected natural ingredients, medicinal herbs, dried fruit and flowers, and spices.

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