020 Cholegin – The mix of white mulberry leaves and fruit

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Ingredients contained in the leaves and fruits of white mulberry affect functioning of enzymes which break down our body's carbohydrates, slowing the process down. Thanks to this, some of the carbohydrates which pass through our intestines remains undigested. As a result, our blood sugar is lower after meals, which is important for people with diabetes. At the same time, white mulberry helps to maintain the proper body mass by reducing the digestion of complex sugars and the absorption of simple sugars. Moreover, mulberry leaves have an anti-inflammatory effect.

We recommend this tea particularly to people suffering from diabetes and those who want to keep a slim figure.

Ingredients: white mulberry fruit and leaf

Method of preparation: pour 1 cup of boiling water over 2 tablespoons of mulberry fruit and leaves, leave for 20 minutes then strain. Drink 200 ml twice a day.

 Net weight: 40g