003 Cholegin – herb mix lowering blood pressure and supporting your heart

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This herbal mix is a unique composition of 8 herbs which supplements your diet with ingredients that support the cardiovascular system. It is also recommended for treating hypertension.
This exceptional mix of natural plant ingredients selected in the right proportions helps to maintain proper systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
By supporting the blood circulation, the herb mix positively affects the walls of the blood vessels and the proper functioning of the myocardium.
What is more, by maintaining the proper level of cholesterol, the mix counteracts the development of atherosclerosis.
To obtain satisfactory results, we recommend to use the product for a period of minimum 3 months.

Herbs packed loose
Net WEIGH: 80g

INGREDIENTS: Couch grass rootstock, birch leaf, bean pericarp, dandelion root, hawthorn fruit, nettle leaf, valerian root, elderberry blossom.

Pour a glass of boiling water over one teaspoon of herb mix and leave for about 5-10 minutes under a cover, then take out the herbs and enjoy your tea. Drink it 2-3 times a day.

Herbs and their effects:

➡ Hawthorn: contains flavonoids that expand the coronary and peripheral vessels, increase the coronary blood flow, lower blood pressure, have a calming effect and improve the heart condition
➡ Valerian root: has a relaxant effect on blood vessels
➡ Couch grass rootstock: lowers blood pressure, fat levels and LDL cholesterol levels
➡ Birch leaf: cleanses the cardiovascular system
➡ Dandelion root: effectively reduces blood pressure, sugar and LDL cholesterol levels
➡ Elderberry fruit: cleanses the blood, and thanks to the high content of anthocyanins, it seals and strengthens the blood vessels, which improves blood circulation
➡ Nettle leaf: reduces blood sugar and blood pressure to some degree, has a positive effect on the production of red blood cells
➡ Bean pericarp: cleanses the blood and removes harmful products of metabolism

An important characteristic of herbs is their diuretic effect, which stimulates the excretion of water from the body. This mix is recommended for people with hypertension, heart failure (as it helps to reduce swelling) and the people post-myocardial infraction.

Hawthorn fruit

Hawthorn improves the work of the heart, lowers blood pressure, seals and strengthens blood vessels, has a calming and diuretic effect - which in turn has a positive effect on blood pressure. It contains many substances that have a significant impact on the blood vessels and heart condition, including phenolic acids, amines, phytosterols, tannins, vitamin C, pectins, and mineral salts, but above all a large amount of flavonoids and procyanides. Flavonoid compounds have a relaxant effect on smooth muscles, including coronary vessels. Procyanidins show similar properties and educe blood pressure. Hawthorn also increases the strength of heart contractions, slowing their frequency and making the heart work more efficiently.

Couch grass rootstock

The couch grass rootstock improves a person’s condition while treating atherosclerosis and diseases of joints and bones, has diuretic properties and lowers blood pressure. Cleanses blood, acts similar to an antibiotic and has an antibacterial and detoxifying effect. It helps to treat obesity, prevents diabetes, reduces the level of fats and LDL cholesterol in the blood, averts fatty liver.

Birch leaves

Have a highly diuretic effect, purge harmful metabolic products and improve metabolism, detoxify the cardiovascular system. Stimulate the secretion of urine and sweat, along with sodium chloride and unnecessary and harmful nitrogen metabolites, therefore they have anti-oedema and antiarthritic properties. They disinfect and detoxify the urinary tract. Prolonged ingestion may help crush the uric acid deposits and urinary tract leaching. They help to lose weight.

Dandelion root

The dandelion root is a perfect herb for treating hypertension, it has a diuretic effect and supports the removal of harmful metabolic products from the body, helping to eliminate swelling caused by excessive accumulation of water in the body, and improving the efficiency of the kidneys. It also effectively reduces the level of sugar and harmful LDL cholesterol in the blood, cleanses and detoxifies the liver.

Elderberry fruit

Removes harmful products of metabolism and toxins originating from outside the body, has a bactericidal effect, cleanses the blood and acts as a diuretic. Due to the high content of anthocyanins it seals and strengthens the blood vessels, which improves blood circulation and eyesight. What is more, Elderberry catches free radicals, accelerates metabolism, and counteracts flushing.

Nettle leaf

Supports the excretion of harmful substances from the body, facilitates metabolism, cleanses the digestive system, positively affects the work of the pancreas, liver, and stomach. It has a diuretic and antifungal effect, and prevents stomach ulcers. It has a positive effect on the production of red blood cells.

Valerian root

When used in states of nervousness, tension, and nervous excitation the valerian root helps to lower the activity of the central nervous system, reduces tension and feelings of anxiety, and induces a state of mental relaxation. It is also an effective remedy for moderate insomnia - especially in sleep deprivation, caused by states of tension and nervous excitation. It improves sleep quality and has an analgesic effect.

Bean pericarp

Prevents diabetes, lowers blood sugar, cleanses blood and removes harmful products of metabolism. It is often used to treat diseases of kidneys and the liver, has a diuretic effect.

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