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A unique mix of 8 carefully selected herbs

This mix contains 8 different herbs which will improve and regulate your digestive system, cleanse your liver, accelerate fat metabolism, and ensure proper cholesterol levels.

Good digestion depends on the cooperation of many organs and affects our well-being, both physical and mental.

Cholegin "Herb mix lowering your chlesterol level"  is a mix which:

* Efficiently reduces and helps to maintain the proper cholesterol level

* Inhibits the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream

* Has a positive effect on your digestive processes and metabolism

* Accelerates fat metabolism

* Stimulates digestion, strengthens and protects your liver, regulates the work of your intestines and stomac Has a diuretic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect 

* Helps to treat hypertension and prevents atherosclerosis  

This mix a composition of 8 herbs: dandelion root, artichoke, linseed, hibiscus, peppermint leaf, common chicory, nettle leaf, and lavender.   

Recommendation: This herb mix should be drunk once a day. The suggested minimal treatment is 3 months.   Herbs packed loose (80g) – One package lasts for about 3 weeks, so for a full treatment it is recommended to use 4 packages.

The herb mix Cholegin – "Herb mix lowering your chlesterol level" was a winner of the second prize at DIABETICA EXPO 2013 Fair, in the category: Natural food supplement for herbs lowering cholesterol levels.

Dandelion root

Lowers the concentration of harmful cholesterol in the blood, cleanses and detoxifies the liver, supports digestion and the production of bile, purges toxins from the body.


Facilitates faster removal of harmful products of poor metabolism. Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides and has a detoxifying effect, supporting liver regeneration and preventing atherosclerosis.

Peppermint leaf

Supports digestion, stimulates the secretion of digestive juices, has a bactericidal effect, regulates intestinal peristalsis, and prevents bloating and gases.

Common chicory

Regulates metabolism and blood sugar level, prevents constipation, stimulates appetite, supports the development of beneficial bacteria necessary for the proper functioning of the intestines.


Stimulates digestion, has a slight laxative effect, reduces cholesterol and helps in skin regeneration. Linseed also inhibits microbial growth and has an anti-inflammatory effect.


Helps in the treatment of hypertension and in maintaining proper cholesterol levels in the blood, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, protects the liver. Hibiscus contains vitamin C which strengthens immunity.

Nettle leaf

Supports the excretion of harmful substances from the body, facilitates metabolism, cleanses the digestive system, positively affects the work of the pancreas, liver, and stomach. It has a diuretic and antifungal effect, and prevents stomach ulcers.


Supports the digestive system, stimulates the secretion of gastric juices and bile, accelerates digestion and functioning of the intestines. Lavender also helps to treat constipation and discomfort caused by indigestion.